FACILITIES: Our laboratory facilities are shared with the CLAIM Laboratory at University of Michigan. You may visit the CLAIM website by clicking on the CLAIM Logo at the bottom of the side bar on the right hand side of any page on this website.

The high-tech, one-of-a-kind facilities at U-M provide a unique combination of capabilities for process development, on-line diagnostics, mathematical modeling, and model validation. For processing, the following lasers are already installed:

  • High peak power (1012 W/cm2) diode pumped SLAB Nd: YAG laser
  • High average power diode pumped SLAB ND: YAG laser
  • 6k W Rf Excited CO2 laser
  • 8k W peak power, 400W average power Nd: YAG laser
  • 150 W Excimer laser
  • 6k W CO2 laser can be switched between a 5-axis CNC and a 7-axis GMF robot for online diagnostics
  • Laser ablation system
  • Turbomolecular pump, up to 1 X 10^-8TORR

For online diagnostics, the following equipment is installed:

  • Ring-dye laser with capability to deliver via single mode fiber
  • 25 W Argon ion laser
  • 10 W Argon ion laser
  • Detectors for absorption, fluorescence and emission spectroscopy are available.
  • Stainless steel chamber for laser ablation and on-line spectroscopy diagnostics
  • High Speed (40,000 frames/sec) digital camera

Images of some of our more interesting pieces of equipment are provided below. For more information, please contact us at unikorn@umich.edu


Figure of experimental apparatus for pulsed laser deposition (PLD)


Figure of pressure gauge controller


Figure of measurement facilities for laser power and pulse duration