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Pictured above is the entire research contingent, director and staff of the CLAIM laboratory at the University of Michigan where CLPAM research is performed.


IS your company in the race to translate research and technology into business opportunity?

ARE you neck and neck with competitors, or in danger of falling behind the manufacturing edge?

CAN you say that your company is an unchallenged powerhouse of productivity and ingenuity?

The pipeline between campus laboratories and the real world has widened in recent years and with it comes hope that rapid Technology Transfer will stimulate efficient manufacturing to produce increased sales and profits. Ultimately, tech transfer — putting university ideas into the hands of businesses — places research innovation and breakthroughs within the public’s reach. It also creates jobs and grows companies. The inventions can ignite a startup company or drive an established firm to add jobs and investment. ( Dec. 4, 2006)

Partnership in LAM is an effective, low-cost method of addressing all of these issues and putting your company on the technologically competitive map.

What membership does for you

  • IMAGINE a team of more than 40 Laser Research Specialists at your disposal! IMAGINE what could be accomplished with the brightest minds in laser research and applications working side by side with your organization to solve your manufacturing challenges. The LAM NSF I/UCRC has the tools and expertise to produce the results you need to … at a minimal cost. IMAGINE a unique organizational structure that allows for fast direct technology transfer and provides means for direct end-user input into the project decisions process.
  • All Regular Members will a) be provided preferential access to Center Technology and Center Software as set forth in the Bylaws; b) be eligible to serve as Chair of the IAC; and c) be entitled to a Homepage link on the Center website.
  • Associate Members will be entitled to participate in all Center activities except for those privileges reserved to Regular Members

How to join:

  • A for profit company may become a regular member of the Center upon approval of either of the Directors, compliance with the requirements, procedures and payment of dues as listed in the membership agreement for Regular Members.
  • A research organization performing research and development in areas related to the scientific interests of the Center may request in writing Associate Membership of the Center by address to either of the Directors and compliance with the requirements, procedures and payment of dues as listed in the membership agreement for Associate Members.

Sample Agreements:*

*Regular Membership

*Associate Membership



  • Cyber Enabled Integrated Digital
    Manufacturing (Ce-iDigiMan) System with Continuous Inspection and Closed Loop
    Control, ONR, 2014
  •  Collaborative Research Training Programs on Advanced
    Manufacturing Technology, Central Manufacturing Technology Institute,
    Bangalore, India, 2012
  • High Speed Laser Cutting of Electrodes for Lithium Ion
    Batteries, Collaborative Sponsorship by Fraunhofer Institute Chemical
    Technology and Office of the VP for Research, U-M, 2011
  • Process Development and Metallurgical Characterization for
    Repair, Restoration, Reconfiguration, Reconstruction of Navy Components by
    Direct Metal Deposition Laser Micromachining and Friction Stir Processing,
    Focus Hope and Dept. of the Navy, 2011
  • Composition analysis in DMD process, IUCRC, 2005-2010
  • Laser drilling of aerospace material, IUCRC, 2005-2010
  • Laser Micromachining of micro-fluidic structures, IUCRC,
  • Design and Realization of Integrated Digital Intelligent
    Manufacturing Cell (IDIMC) for Customized Complex Miniature Component, Dept. of
    the Navy, 2010
  • Metallurgical Characterization for Repair, Restoration,
    Reconfiguration and Reconstruction of Army Components by Direct Metal
    Deposition, Focus Hope and Dept. of the Army, 2010
  • Feasibility Study for Non-crystalline Surfaces for Efficient
    Combustion:  Laser Fabricated
    Nanocrystalline Catalytic Surfaces for Pollutant-Free and Energy-Efficient
    Applications, Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing, 2010
  • Plasma diagnostics in laser drilling process, GE-IUCRC, 2009
  • Plasma diagnostics in DMD process, GE-IUCRC, ONR, Focus
    Hope-IUCRC, 2009
  • Plasma diagnostics for welding process, Toyota-IUCRC,
    Alphasense, 2009
  • Compact Low Cost Process Welding Defect Detection System
    Based Plasma Emission, Alphasense, Dept. of the Navy, 2009
  • Numerical simulation of pulsed Laser Drilling and
    Micromachining, GE-IUCRC, IMRA-IUCRC
  • Numerical simulation of Laser Welding, Toyota-IUCRC, 2009
  • Numerical simulation of Direct Metal Deposition, Focus
    Hope-Navy, GE-IUCRC, 2009
  • Novel Materials processing with femtosecond and nano-second
    lasers, Focus Hope-Navy, Focus Hope-Army, Toyota, IMRA-IUCRC, 2009
  • Characterization of Laser processed materials, ONR, Focus
    Hope-Navy, Focus Hope-Army, NSF-IUCRC
  • SenSigma Project (Sensor Commercialization with State and
    Univ funding)


Professor Jyoti Mazumder, Director U of M Site


Professor Rado Kovacevic, Director SMU Site


Professor Mool Gupta, Director UVA Site